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Welcome to Off The Hamster Wheel Ministries where we teach you how to break cycles. Off The Hamster Wheel Ministries was founded by Kinshawda Daniels a way to help, lead and guide women to break free from cycles. Our services include many tools, courses and resources to help on the journey. As a Certified Life  Coach, Kinshawda understands what it takes to overcome obstacles in daily living. She strives to build a support system to all mentees that they will get the most from her signature Mentorship program. If you would like to break the cycles in your life sign up today to our “Breaking Free” Mentorship program.


Life Coaching

As a Certified Life Coach the focus is Personal Development of the individual to break free from self sabotage, toxic relationships, and financial strong holds.


Health Coaching

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, Kinshawda has over four years of working in Mental health that has given her valuable skills to help women BREAK those cycles!



The “Breaking Free” Mentorship provides programs to inspire women to increase their self worth, have better relationships and create businesses they love.

We Help Women

BREAK those cycles!

Kinshawda wrote the book “Setting the Stage” with young girls in mind. She knows how important it is for them to have a Biblical foundation in love, life, and career early on. Kinshawda has taught these valuable principles to young girls at her church as started she began writing the book. We recommend this book for every woman or young girl, it will bless your life.

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SETTING THE STAGE: Kinshawda Daniels
Order your copy today! This book is a scripture guide for women that addresses the common struggles we face daily. Kinshawda has gone through many challenges in life. She is compelled to help others on this journey. Kinshawda prays this book will empower, encourage, and enhance the lives of many.

A passion of Kinshawda is to start with teen girls while their young giving them a foundation to build on into adulthood.

Kinshawda has coached many people in my life, it wasn’t considered coaching like it is today. Her background as an adult Sunday school teacher provided great experience in teaching groups.

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