The Mission

Break the Cycle!

Welcome to Off The Hamster Wheel where we help you recognize the negative cycles in your life. Off The Hamster Wheel Ministries was founded by Kinshawda Daniels a way to help, lead and guide women to break free from cycles. Our services include many tools, courses and resources to help on the journey. As a person who’s had many obstacles in her life, she understands what it takes to overcome. After finding herself a single mother of five children, it motivated her to live a life of purpose. In fulfilling her purpose se wants to teach other single moms how to manage what life throws at you.


Life Coaching

As a Certified Life Coach the focus is Personal Development of the individual to break free from self sabotage, toxic relationships, and financial strong holds. These very issues caused stagnation in my life. It wasn’t until I broke free that I started to see progress in my life. It’s all about retraining the mind and removing negative mindsets.


Health Coaching

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, the training and knowledge I acquired has added to my health journey tremendously. I’ve taken several classes, read books and watched numerous videos on alternative ways to good health. So, with the combined knowledge I would love to share with others. I personally use a variety of options in my home. A part of breaking cycles is also eliminating unhealthy habits.



Although I don’t currently have a mentorship program at this time, you are welcome to schedule a consultation. As a business owner of several businesses, a part of my services includes Business Coaching, Homecare Agency Mentoring/Start-Up and Consulting. If you’re interested in any of these please reach out to me.

We Help Women

BREAK those cycles!

Kinshawda wrote the book “Setting the Stage” in an effort to promote certain standards to young girls. Although her life has been a journey, she vows to help as many women as possible along the way. She has overcome fears, doubts, lack of confidence and life’s issues to get to this point. If you haven’t already grabbed her book “Setting the Stage” do it now, it will change your life.

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SETTING THE STAGE: Kinshawda Daniels
Order your copy today! This book is a scripture guide for women that addresses the common struggles we face daily. Kinshawda has gone through many challenges in life. She is compelled to help others on this journey. Kinshawda prays this book will empower, encourage, and enhance the lives of many.

Kinshawda is a visionary of her generation leading the way for other women like herself. She loves teaching, creating materials and products that will take you to the next level.

Her passion is to see other women win in business, life, career and relationships. Off The Hamster Wheel is designed to help women realize the cycles that’s holding them back in life.

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