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Get your FREE Coaching Call! This call is designed to assess the areas we can develop for personal growth. Take advantage of this opportunity as I listen to you and provide you with valuable insight.




The consultations will provide you with clarity, guidance and direction. Consultations are a safe place for you to express your personal desires. As a Certified Life Coach Kinshawda is trained how to coach others. At this time, we only offer consultations, along with a “Mentor Me Package” to assist women who want to start a business. If not sure what direction to go book a FREE coaching call.
  •  30-minute Consultation
  •  60-minute Consultation
  •  Mentor Me Package
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Mentor Me Package

This package is specifically designed for women who have the desire to start a business but need the extra help. I will help you from the start up to operating your business. In this package you get a lot of FREEBIES as an added benefit to ensure your sucess.
For more details, please email us at
Cost- $4500.00 payment options available upon request
Upgrade to VIP which includes 4 hours in-person meeting with Kinshawda! *Travel expenses may apply

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